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I have another question was Hazrat Ali R.

If the writer wants to know more about Shia's then please go and sit with people from Shia community who just know about cursing the first three caliphs. Also, I apologize for any use of dissimilitude on my part -- hopefully, I at least had good intentions in so using it. Big granny tits pictures. It IS important for Muslims to work together and it is good that Islamicity is encouraging that we do so.

Please I beg you, do not fight with one another, please appreciate your differences, and your similarities. Muzammil ibrahim naked. Think about it my Muslim sisters and brothers; let us educate ourselves with deep thinking and conservative-free minds about our responsibilities towards God and other people!

Do you really think we are so stupid to think that God Sobhanahoo va Ta'aala couldn't have stopped such a mistake? Alas at that time they did not make a new sect so Islam would be the strongest religion.

The IslamiCity site may occasionally contain copyrighted material the use of which may not always have been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Before we start making up our minds about each other, take some time and make Istikhaara, and then Insha'Allah we will realize that yelling at each other over who's right, who's wrong, is not the point.

I note the author is a medical doctor with no credentials as a scholar of Islam and no credentials that support his ability to accurately discuss complicated issues of aqueedah. Are you "the shia" or "the sunni" prepared to answer the question? My husband and I have been doing a lot of research on Shia'- and I am sorry but you are wrong. It is my intention to now submit this particular comment, in case it would be Allah's will that you see it sometime before I have provided a more complete explanation with correct salutations and apologies and have again read your responses, dearly beloved.

The sacrifices of Ahle-Bait were humongous - out of nowhere Ummawi clan had taken the power over the Islamic nation by tricks, bribery and brutal force; many of them even have accepted Islam at the conquest of Makkah without giving sacrifices for Islam. During the interrogation he dies.

If I am wrong than I am wrong. Posted by urifah dewe at 9: May there be more articles about muslim unity, because we do need it. Mature amatuer wife pics. These cult like groups are much more of a concern, along with deviant sunni groups such as Ahmedis and Rashidis, than mainstream Shias. The same way religion has its foundation in faith ,those "minor alterations" must have roots in somekind of beleif that allowed them and thati find, has been somewhat overlooked here. I do indeed feel foolish for having dragged politics into this particular discussion.

May Allah grant guidance to all of us and help us become one Ummah. Sunnah moqadah prayers are wajib and obligatory. I am a Sunni Muslim. Something prohibited cannot be said to be better than another which is prohibited as well.

There was Jesus, Abraham, etc. Shirtless bollywood men 6 Avtaar Bajwa 5 Desi Boyz 5. As a Sunni Muslim convert I found this article to be interesting and necessary.

We as muslims should strive to eradicate all the misconceptions between us. Perhaps a lot of the differences, whether they be misconceptions or not, are cultural more than anything else, as I am sure that even other Shia Muslims from the first persons country practice the religion differently to him and his family.

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Some Shia add, "Ali is a friend of God or Ali is a spiritual leader of God," after the call to prescribed prayer, but not as part of the call to prescribed prayer.

Even though we there are different subsect among them, but inthe final analysis they are thesame. Toni taylor milf. This is pharaphrasing the verse. Yes, that is true but the Companions never group themselves, to the extent of assigning names to these groups It was a later innovation. United we can achieve great things for the Islamic Umma and the world as whole. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Too Sweet Janelle Ross. MissTravel released results Sexiest Nationalities survey members panezai M.

I would just like to say that I think this issue of categorizing the Shias as Non-Muslims is a very delicate one. After Saeed is forced to sign the statement, the inspector Ashutosh Rana asks Saeed and Daanish to go home, takes Sara to a cell, and rapes her. The man then asked, "Who does Allah love next.

It is now that Islam needs us as a united front - to be good to all and be steadfast in our duties. Muzammil ibrahim naked. Total drama island lesbian. Blessed are the peacemakers, as Christ said also. We must let go of the bigotry and the hate that is poisoning our soles by the Shaitan.

Since this limited space will not allow me to copy and paste the entire article in response to point 9, here is a link to that article.

Some do abuse this. We Muslims have the ultimate control of our faith. For a start, woman should not be treated like this. I read Nahjul balagha in Arabic and cried my heart out. I was very disappointed in the author's response to many of these ideas - the answers are very broad and incomplete: If so, can we say that the prophet was failed in his mission?

Shias discourage mutah but do not consider it prohibited. Also, I was frankly embarrassed about forgetting to express sympathy for the Shiites who were killed in the recent terrorist attacks during Ashura.

And you are the lover of Allah. I had a Shia friend whom I lost contact with and who was from a different ethnic background to me. Karlee perez naked. It says that "Imam" comes after a prophet passes a certain test. At least, I can tell you what's done and believed by the majority in Iran:. In my household many of my family members have married into Sunnis.

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He didn't even enter a CHURCH for the reason being that he feared that it would disturb the ways of worship of Christians, and so he respected the Church by saying, I will not enter is because if I do, then other Muslims will enter it and might decide to convert it into a Masjid. Watch Online Shahrukh Khan heading to Wankhede for I am sunniI like dr. Allah says in the Qur'an: To comment number 7. Again, I repeat the problem I have with Shia scholars is that they relie too much on Aql, reason and that's their big mistake because in human terms life is not always in black and white so please stop accusing Sahaaba of hypocrisy because Allah stated in the Quran: Such combinations may not be ideal, but better than not praying at all.

Furthermore, the following are a couple of writings by Mullah Baqar which are filled with "sahabah-Bashing" and many kuffar ideas and beliefs:. Any attempt to explain the misconceptions and rifts between us is welcome.

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