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Nanael wakes in heaven, where the Head Angel reveals Nanael is not banished, and all of the events were planned in order to destroy the Swamp Witch's domain.

Elina is also on the road and encounters Tomoe and later tells her to leave the springs, but before she goes, Elina realizes that Tomoe has fought Leina. Risty recovers in time to see Leina be able to deflect one of Claudette's lighting attacks. 3gpking com milf. Just as Leina has the advantage, however, Aldra petrifies her. Ymir uses the fight as advertising for the sword she re-forged, and sells many cheap knockoffs of it.

Elina arrives as the battle ends, and announces she will be entering the Queen's Blade as well. Queens blade gif. Aldra matures to adulthood in an instant since Delmora had given her eternal youth, and Tomoe tells her that she can seek her sister in Hinomoto herself. Nanael has mysteriously returned to Heaven, and Leina and Risty finally fight. Aldra wants a new servant to lead the Assassins, and sends a fake letter to lure Risty to her palace. However, Irma misses in her killing blow, and is defeated instead.

Nowa nurses Leina back to health, introducing her to Combat Instructor Alleyne who heals her wounds, after explaining how the Elves do not normally let humans into the forest. Sexy girls bouncing. The Kouma Ninja have summoned Delmora who possesses Aldra again.

Tomoe, a Warrior Priestess, and Shizuka, a Kouma Ninja who has defected, are meditating in the shrine they tend to in Hinomoto. Leina throws her down in a pin, but Echidna uses the oil to slip away and begins to subject Leina in a series of painful holds. Leina heads off to find Risty. Leina brings her sword to Cattleya for repair again, while Ymir's attempts to sell weapons go unnoticed in the market.

Nanael pours more sacred milk on Delmora, then Claudette, Tomoe, and finally Leina attack, defeating him as Leina emerges victorious. PD Fonts and typefaces or Template talk: Nowa gets lost in the Gainos marketplace and is almost raped by a gang of street punks who were swiftly beaten by Echidna.

Nanael is reassigned by the Head Angel to compete in the Queen's Blade as punishment for failing her prior assignment. Airi weakens Nanael by causing her to spill more of the sacred milk, which spills onto some of the petrified people in the palace.

Retrieved February 2, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nanael is dismayed that no one is placing bets on her, and uses all of Melpha's money to place a large bet on herself while in disguise, so as Melpha's roommate, she must subsist on vegetables from her garden. Vance tries to convince her to serve him again in his bid to overthrow Aldra, but she refuses, and he tells her to leave.

Aldra promises to reunite Cattleya with her husband, and does so by turning her to stone as well. Risty appears at the arena and cheers Leina on, causing her to get back up. The original description page was here. They tell her that the three of them have been asked to participate in the Queen's Blade.

Claudette goes to find Leina, and has a flashback to where she rescued Leina as a child. Xxx man fuck cow. Elina attacks in a frenzy, but Tomoe pulls through victorious. Retrieved from " https: Elina returns home after Claudette tells her that she is the only one of the three sisters capable of serving Count Vance any more, as neither Claudette nor Leina have the will to.

Echidna retrieves her afterwards, and the two depart together.

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Aldra calls it a success: I personally think Ikki Tousen's premise sucks worse In fact the whole time I was watching it I wondered why it wasn't a hentai series.

Nowa enjoys a meal with Nyx while trying to convince her to stop depending on Funikura. Retrieved June 23, Tomoe and Nanael become trapped in a pyramid with many booby traps.

Echidna toys with Elina over the next few days while Elina reminisces about how close she and Leina were when younger and how they've grown apart. Amateur mature milf tumblr. Claudette arrives where Leina and Risty were the night before and encounters Echidna, who explains she let Leina go so that Claudette could become countess and hence reward her. Aldra is about to turn him to stone too when Airi rescues him and they escape.

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Nanael informs them all she is returning to Heaven, and Tomoe apologizes to Leina for underestimating her. Aldra offers Tomoe rule over Hinomoto in exchange for her servitude, promising peace for Hinomoto if her sister is found, but Tomoe rejects her offer, remaining loyal to her Empress. Melpha reports her findings to Nanael, while Airi discusses Melpha's words with Melona. Afterwards, she encounters Nyx and a sleeping Funikura.

However, a weakening curse is placed on Tomoe by the Swamp Witch, and the boat is attacked and destroyed by Kouma Ninja trying to abduct Aldra.

The final battle is set to begin: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Echidna later arrives, charged with returning Leina to Claudette. Queens blade gif. Claudette and Menace are fighting in a desert, giving Menace the upper hand. Public nude women pics. Melona and Aldra fight, with Melona managing to dump what remains of the sacred milk on Aldra, weakening her, but Aldra manages to drive Melona off anyway. Leina scores a hit and Risty falls. However, Nanael manages to escape by finding a hole in the wall.

Leina uses the opening to break free and eventually defeats Risty, shattering Aldra's control over her for good. Airi and Melona try to stop her, but are defeated, after which Nanael destroys the Swamp Witch's castle. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. The next set of matches begins: The ground gives way and Leina almost falls from the cliff, with Claudette grabbing her hand as she dangles over the edge.

However, she catches Nowa and steals her life energy, but Leina intervenes and fights Airi. Naked ladies squirting. Leina and Risty reach the entrance to where the Queen's Blade tournament is being held. He is confronted by a Fang Assassin, but finds Airi's Scythe which still contains some of Airi's spirit. Retrieved from " https: Steel Princess Ymir announces that she will take vengeance against Cattleya for selling low-cost weapons compared to the Steel Mountain ones that she creates.

The Kouma Ninja have summoned Delmora who possesses Aldra again. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved September 9, Shizuka rescues Tomoe from Menace, and explains to Menace how her kingdom failed because of the failure of the princess without realizing Menace was that princess.

Cattleya is winning when she sees that Owen is frozen inside one of the stones in Aldra's "Palace of Grief" and breaks down crying, conceding defeat. Shizuka's spirit appears and encourages Tomoe before pulling Delmora from Aldra, allowing Tomoe to slay him. Nyx, a new contender, is revealed. Alleyne and Nowa vs Echidna and Irma.

Tomoe says that, for Shizuka's sake, she has become a demon who will win at any cost. As Claudette is teleported back to Gynos, she reconciles with the Count, who then withdraws his army. They tell her that the three of them have been asked to participate in the Queen's Blade.

They are confronted by Risty and the Assassins of the Fang, but when Risty is about to strike Lana down, she remembers the orphans she used to care for and hesitates, allowing them to escape.

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