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I do not claim to be a revolutionary. Dirty nasty lesbians. He never had any obligation to fight nor needed to leave battle field. Gauri vilash nude. Buddha is also a human. Why so much discussion, Chitpavans are untouchables before era of peshwas, other brahmins never used take food with chitpavans, used to do shuddhikaran if came in contact with chitpavan.

This system is not religious system. Dalits and muslims eats beef thats why brahmins means hindus girls want dalit cock beacuse grass eater hindus can not satiefied their women. Its time that Brahmins start throwing money around and have lower caste women as mistresses.

As naidus dont have their own sense and its borrowed from Brahmins they twist everything on brahmins. Ambedkar married a Brahmin doctor so that he could be healthy and contribute more of his energy for the social movement. Before 53 days of his pre-nirvan, he embraced Budhaism.! The Adi-Dharam is a Santmat.

Who the fuck are you by the way???

Gauri vilash nude

There is an entire Purana out of 18 dedicated to Karthikeya called Skandha Purana. So to become great he married an uppermost caste Brahmin lady. Sarah wayne nude pics. Aswaria Rai is neither male nor Brahmin girl! He h said,August 25, 7: Bhagwan Valmiki gave her shelter.

Its a personal thing and doesnt have to have any social or public implication. Law, howeger, is manmade. That is why Dr. We are brothers and we will unite again. He had a uncontrolled lust for women. Am also asking you about who gave you the right to call a hindu a thief, the right to insult our Gods, the right to trample upon our religious sentiments, the right to insult a specific community, the right to prescribe marriages, the right to throw your weight all around and behave like an insolent nincompoop.

As all brahmins are talented, they will capture all the positions that these fucking idiot people have now with the help of reservations and quota. Your comments merely reflect a very deep-rooted hatred for the brahmin community. And, who will marry the dalit girls if you all marry brahmin girls?? R K Naidu ur the most edit person in the world u became IAS bcoz u get reservation otherwise people like u are not deserved it.

Rama killed pious Shambuk st. Please read the Vedas,Puranas ,Mahabharta ,Ramayna ,simirities to know the rapist,racist and fascist gods. A person who could not satisfy his wife Rukamani had no power of even ethics! Some thing is not making sense …but then I think I am in company with fools here who are brain dead. Jessica alba hot naked pics. We were granted for reservation for 10 yrs still we found ourselves crawling begging for the reservation.

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Naidu and likes are actually eating the right of entire oppressed class.

They live on government mercy, like reservation,Govt. Male escort porn video. Despite whatever way one is conceived or whereever one is given birth to, by seeking refuge in Krishna he is on the path to moksha.

They also knew only manusmrithi, just like you. But it was impossible to find a doctor woman among our people.

Instead of fighting between who is who? One activist confronted Babasaheb and angrily asked him that why did he marry a brahmin woman.

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These books were written thousands of years back and there could be a lot of stuff in it which may not make any sense. Aswaria Rai is neither male nor Brahmin girl! This confirms your rotten mind! Thankyou for asking me to read Adi-Dharm literature. Why not Krishna said to Brahmins and Kashattriyas to attain so called moksha. It is your choice to be a Hindu of 4th class shudra as you once wrote that you are a shudra!

Which Hindu discarded Karthikeya? And staying stuck with your dumbedkar version of history means you might end up in an asylum really. K said August 24, 4: He had done so much good. I think you are immature unethical terrorist. Karthikeyan learn good things and leave the rapistracist and fascist evil Gods. Wife led marriage pictures. Gauri vilash nude. After few days I told not to leave clean dishes in the sink. You brought things down to the cheapest level of talking abt satisfying stuff.

I am sad that most of actual Dalits I will say really poor and needy are happy if in evening they are having food to eat. Remmber manuwadis beleive what they want to believe and they make you believe what they want you to believe. Most of your good non-snakes dont know what then are not on Net. And still what is their Intellect level can be seen by his comments. Chumber Ji, Nobody here is either afraid of me or angry with me.

I am the only one who married a so called high caste. Ok accepted, Valmiki was not a dacoit. Latina pornstars with big tits. I agree this Mr. What sort of a man is Chumber? Now poorilliterates are low status but they are not called low caste. The hinduism is the oldest civilization present on the earth. An brainless idiot who cannot understand brahminism is a socially vile narcisst LIAR who loves rape, racism and fascism -as is evident from your obesssion with such words. To change the GDP of the whole country, then the whole country needs to be divorced….

Once he said that everyone is against the rapismracism and fascism except Chumber. I will consider this as your written approval that I had been using morally and ethically and legally straight language respecting the spirit of dialogue. Dalit or the downtrodden need to come to the main stream.

I am against corruption. YesI am a statesman not politician! I need to share an interesting information with all of you participating in this discussion. Chumber you will never win by just, shouting and by developing hatred in your heart.

The Vaish had right to rape shudra ladies.

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Lexie houghtaling nude It has a geographical referance. Despite whatever way one is conceived or whereever one is given birth to, by refuge in Krishna he is on the path to moksha. These books were written thousands of years back and there could be a lot of stuff in it which may not make any sense.
RUSSIAN LESBIAN SEX TUBE Babsaheb can never be wrong. They actually want that least of ppl from oppressed class come out of their miserries and become their competitor.
Jeri ryan bikini photos I am against corruption. Happy Hindu was fed up of rapist Vishanu. Even I got admitted into a foreign university.

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