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It's just another way for Kelly to publicly bully to get her way and get handouts out of these poor companies try to appease this bimbo.

Goodness knows this entitled twat will do everything to ensure that she gets her way. It's not a hard game. Nude hairy natural women. No one in their right mind would copy her normal look. Kelly eden nude. She got fish, the setup, etc…per the instruction from the guy at the store. I know I do. Having artistic skill means she could theoretically create her own characters or do illustrations on her channel, which would be interesting and make her more self-driven?

She is such a try-hard. Like are you really that upset if you still have it in you to selfie? And someone actually commented that because they're implants. Was she legit whinging the whole time?? What literal human trash.

This whole thing could have been avoided if she had been handling yen and had an idea of its worth. Also, her ig story is disgusting. Diana levy nude. I feel sorry for TT, honestly.

That's sad she dumps old friends and goes for new friends. Also liked her pastel alt fashion. Hey Kelly, why don't you go ahead and tell all your young impressionable followers to become lingerie models and pay their bills with patreon. A guy -not reacting- to your weirdness does not make marriage material, since guys have the blinders on when seeking teh sex But I hope she's joking. No offense to anyone with big boobs, that brelette just doesn't look like it was made for all that boob meat.

That's a lot better than many other mentally ill people. She loves the attention. Saged for meaningless shit. But I would love to see it.

I mean she's not anyway. I've heard this twice now and I used to follow her before she got her boobs done. Big tit stories. Also I hate that "just know off the 0s! Youtube is her job, she should look nice even if shes making a silly video. If you actually had the skill, it would be a piece of cake to be featured, and they'd probably come to you first.

Why would you "stealth' film a booth like this while subtly shitting on them.

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Why would you "stealth' film a booth like this while subtly shitting on them. I bless the people who actually call her out even though they are risking some shit from her blind followers.

I don't even know what to call it, it's just awkward. Free nude ass pics. Elements of the painting tell the story. I had nooo idea how cringy she was in video form, only watched the entitled rant. She totally appropriates Japanese culture. I think the best-looking girl of the bunch is Courtney the one with purple hairshe seems relatively sane and normal and she's married. Kelly eden nude. I was thinking Kelly would have a hard time selling it to American consumers.

If this is giving out too much info about her address or anything feel free to delete. For those who don't want to watch it's long, I knowJenna had posted a video about her and Julian getting fish. Dogs are perfectly happy to sleep through the night. Iran sexy girl video. I have a feeling that she's the one who always instigates the stupid ass dab pictures. I wonder if she's upset about having this thread… saged for no milk.

I tweeted her showing her how to fix it without deleting the video. I kind of took a long hiatus from cgl so I havent been up to date. Trust me, she's doing okay. How the hell does she not know of Amano? Therapy and meds simply don't work for everyone and can actually make it worse. Once upon a time I was a fan, just like many other people in this thread have openly admitted, until I noticed her acting like a shithead.

Like she'll be in the middle of talking and they all just yell over her and she shyly just laughs along and lets the subject be changed.

Lesbians Penny and Eden eating shaved pussies. If I was a fest organizer and I saw someone tweeting and harassing us to pick her, I sure as hell would blacklist Kelly from any future events. Naked bisexual women. Where does she even get off on talking about """ideal""" standards of beauty when shes desperately trying to fit into her own version of whats ideal. Anything to shift the blame and negativity off of her and onto others. As much as I frown upon society and the media using these tools, I do it myself for an artistic purpose.

Kaya has GOT to be annoyed with all of the flirting between her bf and Kelly. Sage bc nothing new just observations. IMO a lot of the other patreon hoes could learn a lot from her, she actually does shit right. Heavy chested whore Eden sucks fat cock in pov. Still thought it was very awkward.

She opens by defending her irritating intro, you been reading the drama threads girl? Cock sucking babe Kinsley Eden loves a huge cock i.

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Specializing in high fashion, runway, glamor, fetish, pinup, and other forms of alternative modeling, Kelly Eden has become a multifaceted talent in the industry, as versatile as she is accomplished.

It's such a slap to the face to actually ill people. Eden Sin gets her wet pussy fucked by LP officer. Especially how the internet seems to romanticize this kind of stuff as of late. Someone above said that they give her a free pass since she doesn't speak Japanese, but I don't.

On a side note, Dre is exhibiting snowflake like behavior on her Twitter right now. Shit, I've never even thought about my own "aesthetic" or calling it that.

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